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Your safety is our priority

TraveloDaddy is here to stand with you by adding on the maximum required protection. The entire policies are responsible, relevant, and add on with transparency to add a safeguard to the personal information along with the satisfaction to the client through our journey of pride and action.

All our privacy is committed to offering you support along with the compilation of policy. Such policies are described with the kind of information which can be collected by visiting our site www.travelodaddy.com. Come through our site with your mobile application can help in maintaining complete protection to the information safely.

Information not applied:

  1. US offline which means collecting the data from a third party. 
  2. Any of the third parties that might be gathering the details from the content or the like can be accessed from different sites.


Make a note:

Go through the complete policy carefully so that you can understand the practices and policies regarding the information and how we will be helping you. Moreover, if in case you are not agreeing to all our policies or the practice of action, kindly do not get on to our site. It is because getting up without a site is going to give you access to agree to the privacy policy even if you do not agree to the same.

Children below 13 norms

TraveloDaddy intends to not entertain children who are below 13 years of age. Our site is not going to accept the request for the information of a child who is below 13. So, if you are not of the centered age, kindly do not go through the site as no personal information will be gathered by our site. We will automatically delete the information. So in case you need more detailed information, kindly contact us at support@travelodaddy.com


  1. The personal details like the name along with the postal information email, telephone number.
  2. Internet connection detail so that complete access to the site is being made. 


  1. Direct information that we get from you
  2. The information which is gathered by the site directly from you like the IP Address, cookies, web tracking technologies, and much more
  3. Third parties like their business partners.


  1. We will be getting the information from the form which has been filled by you. It carries along with the information like the posting material, a website detailing, and further services. We will be entitled to gather the information which is important and enter the content or the promotional code if sponsored by us.
  2. All the copies along with the reports are correspondence in case you contact us.
  3. Details through the website or the fulfillment of the orders are to be made properly. Financial support along with the information of order planning through the website.

You might be helped with the information that will be displayed in the area of the website or third party. The contributions to the user are posted along with the transmitted at your risk.

Additionally, we do not help responsible for controlling the actions of the user. We will help in contributing to a good shape of action. Moreover, we cannot guarantee the user contribution along with the viewed unauthorized person. 

You can get access to our app as it may use the technology along with the automatic support of collection:

  1. Detail use: At the time of accessing you should use the app along with specifically automatically collection of details like the traffic data, logs along with the access use through the app.
  2. Information Device: All we do is collect the data from the mobile device along with the internet connection, IP address, browser type, device phone number.
  3. Files and store information: The metadata application carries the information associated with the stored file on the device. It might carry up personal contact, book information, and the address.

If you are not willing to collect the details make sure not to download the app and just delete it from your device. 


As the navigation is done through the website, we might be using the automatic detail along with the collection of the technologies for certain information about the browning action, which might include:

  1. Details of the website visitors that might help in through the automatic data location data, logs along with the resources that might be used on the site.
  2. Detail regarding the internet connection that might include the IP address along with the operating system. 

The data that is collected with the statistical data might carry the personal information associated together with the personal information or the information from the third party. 

The technologies carried up with automatic data collection includes:

  1. Cookies: it is the small field that is placed on the hard drive on the smartphone or the computer. One might refuse to get away with the browser cookies, but it will reflect on their cell phone.
  2. Flash Cookies: There are certain features in the site that might use the stored object location which can be navigated accordingly. With the complete management of the flash cookies, the safe cases are being drawn properly.
  3. Web Beacons: All the pages of the site or the email might carry the small electronic file which is known as web beacons. So, these pages are opened with an email attached to it in relation to the web statistics. 


We make sure not to gather any personal detail automatically, but we might make sure to tie up the data that is being collected through the other sources.

Tracking Technologies Along with cookies with Third-Party .

There is some leftover content along with the features and applications carrying the limitation of the advertisement on the site which might be served by a third-party. Carrying the advertisement, content providers, application support and the mobile device adds. These are the third parties that might use the cookies alone which track the collective information of an individual. The data that might be collected may be associated with the personal data or carry the information with the third-party cookie.

We are not held responsible for any of the tracking of the third party. In case you have any questions about the targeted content it is suggested to contact the provider. 

How We Use Your Information

We make sure to use the information that is collected by us which might include:

  1. The website content detail 
  2. Added information about the products, services which is requested by us
  3. To fulfill the other listed purposes
  4. Carry on with all the obligations along with the rights that might arise from the contracts which enter between you and us.
  5. To gather with the participating interactive features on the site.
  6. For another content purpose

We might use the data that has been collected by us along with the information which has been enabled by us and is displayed in the advertisement to hit the target audience. 

 Disclosure of Your Detailing

Aggregated user information that doesn't identify any individual will be revealed by our executives without restriction. As per this privacy policy, your collected private information may be disclosed to- 

  • Our subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Contractors, service renders and additional third-parties
  • Buyers or other successors in the occasion of a divestiture, reorganization, mergers, restructuring and other sales or transferring of assets. 

We will further use your information to complete the purpose for which you have given us your information. We will utilize your private information with proper consent. Your information will be further disclosed due to following reasons-

  • To implement or lay our Terms of Use and other contracts, including for billing and grouping pursuits.
  • To concede with any court directive, regulation, or legal process, including to react to any administrative or regulatory demand.
  • If we accept exposure it is required or reasonable to guard the rights, possessions, or security of the Company, our clients, or others. This includes swapping information with other businesses and institutions for the intentions of fraud defence and credit threat reduction.

Utilization with the reveal informational utilization

We seek to deliver you with options concerning the private information you share with us. We have designed mechanisms to offer you with the subsequent command over your data:

  • Advertising along with technologies of tracking.

You can set your browser to discard all cookies sent to you. You can use a flash cookie setting to implement the setting. But remember, if you disable cookies, some functions at our website may not function. 

  • The revelation of information for the advertising of  Third-Party.

If you don't want your personal information to be shared with our unaffiliated or non-agent third parties for advertising objectives, you can opt-out by changing your user choices in your account profile by ticking or unticking the suitable boxes.

  • Added Offers from the Organization.

If you do not expect to have your email address/contact details operated by the Company to facilitate our own or third parties' by-products or services, you can opt-out by changing your user choices in your account profile by selecting or deselecting the suitable boxes. 

  • Targeted Bulletin.

If you do not want us to utilise data that we gather or that you share to us to provide promotions according to our advertisers' target-audience choices, you can opt-out by modifying your user promotion preferences in your account profile by restricting certain permissions. The compilation of data for Third-parties is not collected by us or we do not utilize our client's information to serve interest-based advertising. Nevertheless, these third parties may deliver you with ways to decide not to have your data gathered or operated in this way. You can opt-out of accepting targeted ads from Network Advertising Initiative ("NAI") on the NAI's website.

Restoration Of the Your Data

You can inspect and modify your private data by visiting your account profile page. You may further send us an email to demand access to, rectify or eliminate any private data that you have shared with us. We cannot remove your private data excluding your user account. We may not acclimate a claim to modify information if we think the modification would disregard any regulation or legal condition or cause the data to be inaccurate. If your User Contributions get removed from our website, the copies of your User Contributions may stay viewable in cached and archived pages. It also might get copied or stored by the users of other websites. Reasonable access and usage of information shared on the Website along with User Contributions is controlled by our Terms of Use.

Data Privacy

We have enforced standards created to secure your private information from unexpected loss and unauthorized pass, usage, alteration, and exposure. All data you share with us is kept on our protected servers behind firewalls. Any monetary transactions will be encrypted under the procedure of SSL technology.

The protection and safety of your data also rely on you. Where we have offered you (or where you have selected) a password to enter your account or specific domains of our Website, you are liable for keeping this password undercover. We request you not to share your security code with anyone. We recommend you to be cautious about handing out data in public spaces of the Website like message panels. The details you share in general sites may be accessed by any user of the Website.

Unfortunately, the dispatch of data via the internet is not totally protected. Although we endeavour to safeguard your private data, we cannot ensure the safety of your confidential data transmitted to our Website. Any disclosure of private details is at your own risk. We are not liable for breach of any privacy settings or protection measures featured on the Website.

Continuing with detailing

Details that you have shared with us may be delivered to, accessed, preserved, and processed in the respective countries. The data security and additional rules and norms of different countries might not be as all-around as those in your country. By operating the Website, you accept and agree that your data may be disseminated to different countries, including without boundary to our aptitudes and those third parties with whom we transfer it as explained in this privacy policy.

Terpering Our Privacy Policy

We can make changes in the terms of our privacy policy and it will be updated on this page regularly. On every modification, every user will be informed through mail. The date the privacy policy was last modified is recalled at the top of the page. You are accountable for confirming we have an up-to-date functional and deliverable email address for you, and for occasionally seeing our Webpage for this privacy policy to review for any modifications.

Contact Details

To resolve any query or comment about the terms and conditions of our privacy policy and conventions, contact us at: 1-347-384-7991 or can  email us: bookings@travelodaddy.com

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